Welcome To “Stuff My Wife Buys”

Not only does my wife buy A LOT of things for our house (and for herself) but almost everyone that has had a peek into her purchasing styles has said, “Where did you get that?” Or, after seeing something she’s purchased they immediately state, “I want that but I bet my husband/friend/lover/guy I’m sort-of dating would have no idea to buy me that.”

This blog will help women and men with the following…

1. Where did you get that?  Each post and picture will attempt to link you directly to the point-of-purchase (or the nearest auction site) while providing you a description from the male point-of-view.

2. I want that!  Gentlemen, this is part that will assist you in making a purchase for your lady.  Now, I can’t guarantee she will love the item in question, but I do think that you’ll be on the right track to showing her how incredibly talented you are at picking out home decor, clothes, shoes, and the likes that she will be forever impressed.

I hope you enjoy Stuff My Wife Buys.

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